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La Rama de Agaete
La Rama de Agaete - Plaza de la constitución

La Rama

In August, one of the most popular festivals in Gran Canaria is celebrated. The festival of La Rama in honor of Our Lady of “Las Nieves” and declared a National Tourist Interest Festival in 1972. On August 4, thousands of dancers roam the Villa shaking branches in the air to the sound of the bands of music until arriving at the sanctuary of the “Virgen de las Nieves”.


During the month of March we have one of the best carnivals in Gran Canaria, the whole town is a great party of very good vibes everyone with costumes want to have a great time. During the Carnival Carnival Gala is celebrated and the costume contest, children’s carnival, the “velatorio de la Sardina” and “el Entierro de la Sardina”.

Carnivals of Agaete
Fireworks at the Agaete carnival
La Rama de San Pedro - Valle de Agaete

San Pedro

The festivity of San Pedro in the Agaete Valley are also known as the “Original Rama” and are celebrated on June 29, the great event of the celebration is the “Bajada de La Rama” from the Pine forest of Tamadaba to the neighborhood of San Pedro the 28 of June.


During the month of August the Agaete Cultural Festival of Solidarity (BioAgaete) is celebrated in the Puerto de las Nieves which combines culture, artistic sensibilities, intercultural exchange and environmental awareness to create a solidarity festival whose main objectives are to raise funds with the which contributes to different associations or NGOs.

Bioagaete festival
Virgin of the Inmaculada Concepción

La Concepción

During the month of December the celebrations of the Conception in honor of the Virgin of the Inmaculada Concepción, the patron saint of Agaete. The festival has a wide variety of cultural activities and above all related to music and sports, but also social activities and those of Constitution Day.

San Sebastián

The district of San Sebastián in Agaete celebrates its fiestas during the month of January. This festival has a series of cultural events organized by the neighborhood and the popular “Retreta” that walks the town accompanied by music band, lampposts and flare burning.

Ermita de San Sebastian
La milagrosa - El Risco de Agaete

El Risco

At the end of September are celebrated in honor of the virgin of “La Milagrosa” the fiestas of the neighborhood of El Risco. The celebrations begin with the act of “subida de la bandera”, the reading of the preach and during the following day with musical performances, exhibitions and the “Verbena de amanecida”.

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