Agaete beaches Agaete is one of the places of Gran Canaria with the greatest variety of beaches.

Playa del Muelle, Agaete
Beach of el Muelle - Agaete

Puerto de las Nieves beaches

The most popular is Playa de las Nieves. This pebble beach is located on the same port but you do not need to worry because its waters are clean and crystal. The atmosphere is quiet and familiar and you can also eat the typical fresh fish at one of the fish restaurants in the area. The Beach of “El Muelle” is located to the left of Agaete pier. This beach is sheltered from the wind by the pier itself which at the same time it is the meeting point for many locals who take advantage of banks to chat quietly. From this beach you can also see the Finger of God, a rock of basaltic stone that rises in the oldest geological area of Gran Canaria. The natural pools of Salinas  are a natural volcanic pools were you can get a quiet bath also have a small rocky beach on the west side although the bathroom can sometimes be a bit tricky because of the waves.

East coast beaches​

This area is located between Agaete and Galdar​

In the East area of Agaete there are a couple of beaches. The first is Playa de la Caleta or Turmán and is reached by following a path from the Turmán urbanization. The access is through some stairs that descend into the gorge until you reach a small beach. In the same direction but a little bit further east you get to the beach of El Juncal, this is an amazing beach with no waves, clear water and not many people (except on weekends) take your glasses with you because this is a top spot for snorkeling.

El Juncal Beach
Beach of El Juncal - Agaete
Playa del Risco, Agaete
Beach of El Risco - Agaete

West area beaches​

This area is located on the direction to La Aldea​

The West region of Agaete is one of the wildest of Gran Canaria. In this natural environment full of high cliffs it is difficult to access to the beaches and small coves, even then it is worth visiting some of them. At the foot of the ravine Guayedra are two of them, at the right side we will find Sotavento beach and following the path to the right we find the beach of Guayedra. This beach is accessible after a walk of 3km from Agaete (strongly recommended) or can also be reached by car. We park in the gorge and walk about 10 minutes.

Following westwards we will arrive at Roque Faneque, an impressive mountain of just over 1km hight. At its feet there is the beach of Faneroque. To reach this beach you need to get to La Laja del Risco and you just can do so at low tide. The walk is about 30 minutes approximately.

In the neighborhood of Risco de Agaete you find Playa del Risco. This beach is easily accessible and there are usually strong waves as it is very exposed.

List of all the beaches in Agaete

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